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    • Oil and Gas Community Everyeng.png

      Oil and Gas

      Moderator: Praveen Tiwari

      Oil and Gas: All about the industry - from exploration wells to burner tip. Oil and Gas Basics: Oil and gas exploration process Drilling wells Production Processing Refining and Petrochemicals How to build successful career in Oil and Gas

      Oil & Gas
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    • EPC cover pic.png

      Project Management - EPC Industry

      Moderator: Praveen Tiwari

      This community if for all professionals in the Engineered Projects - Oil and Gas, Hydrogen, Chemicals, Nuclear Energy, Power Plants, Fertilizers, Wind Energy, Solar, Infrastructure Projects, the list can go on! You may be evaluating a concept, leading a feasibility study, doing Basic Design and FEED or on field managing the construction. This community is for you to share your experience and learning from Concept to Commissioning.

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    • EPC Cost_Everyeng.png

      Cost Engineering for Everyone

      Moderator: Praveen Tiwari

      Cost Engineering is one of the most crucial discipline for any project. Cost engineers not only assist the project team by providing the project cost but also provide insights about potential risks and various cost sensitivities. It is also a great option for your career as it helps to develop you into a complete Techno-commercial professional. This community is to connect all the experts in EPC Cost Engineering to the professionals who want to develop and enhance their skills in Cost Engineering.

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    • images.jpeg

      Cae engineers

      Moderator: Karthi hari

      Cae engineers and fea,crash,nvh,durability analyst discuss about future cae and share the knowledge all together group foundation

      Automotive Aerospace
    • oil-refinery-plant-01.jpg

      Pressure Vessel & Piping

      Moderator: ANANTH PAI S

      This community is to connect with professionals of Pressure Vessels & Piping working in various domains such as Welding, Metallurgy, Fabrication, Design, Inspection, Quality, Construction and Logistics to... ask questions, share knowledge and content latest developments and updates lessons learnt training needs, and simply networking

      Oil & Gas Energy & Utilities
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    • fluid mech.PNG

      Fluid Mechanics for Students

      Moderator: ANANTH PAI S

      Welcome to this community on Fluid Mechanics created specifically for the engineering Students. Utilize this community to get your concepts clarified, to collaborate with peers and mentors for your project work, seminars or paper presentations.

      All Domains
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    • Gate.PNG

      The GATE Exam is a primary exam for admission into the Masters Program in major universities and colleges and for recruitment by few Public Sector Companies. This community is created specifically to help undergraduate students and fresh engineers aspiring for higher studies or selection into PSUs. Use this community to get all of your queries related to exam, its preparation, about the possibilities and opportunities etc.

      All Domains
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    • thermo.PNG

      Thermodynamics for Students

      Moderator: Sourabh Gupta

      Thermodynamics is the study of the relations between Heat, Temperature, Work and Conservation & Conversion of Energy. The concepts are very complex and intriguing. This community is specifically created for Engineering Students to ask questions and share information about anything and everything related to Thermodynamics.

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    • IMG-20211118-WA0006 (1).jpg


      Moderator: Shyama Ranade

      This community is created to help people post their corrosion issues and get a solution or meet a consultant with whom they can work for the solution.

      Energy & Utilities Aerospace
    • b29s4-cs20160613.000176.jpg


      Moderator: Shyama Ranade

      This community is created to discuss issues and recommendations for coatings used in various industries.

      All Domains
    • Screenshot 2023-01-10 11.04.15.png

      Cathodic protection

      Moderator: Shyama Ranade

      This community is created to discuss and solve issues and gain knowledge related to cathodic protection.

      Oil & Gas Rail & Transport

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